Understand & Connect with Local Audiences on Twitter

  • Gain valuable insights into your followers and users tweeting or retweeting your brand.
  • Profile and target by location, gender, age, marital status, jobs, interests and more.
  • Reach local consumers relevant to your company, brand, promotions and events.

We deliver Twitter analysis and marketing solutions in real-time, via dashboard or API.

Schmap analytics have a new home!

Our Twitter audience and consumer analytics are now available at:


Real-time local profiling

Analysing local sentiment provides valuable real-world insight. Which main street brands feature in your followers' daily lives? What restaurants and local events are trending in a given city? Get a Follower Analysis, or check out our Schmap real-time local guides to see our real-time local profiling in action.


Aggregating local sentiment


Targeted local promotion

Whether you're a national enterprise or a small local business, we can help promote your brand, offers and events. Spread the word locally and efficiently using our Schmap Twitter app, via our popular Schmap real-time local guides, and to local consumers following our Schmap city accounts on Twitter.


Schmap's local reach on Twitter


Schmap real-time local guides

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