Campbell's Field

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Campbell's Field

Are you Game?
401 North Delaware Avenue
Philadelphia, NJ 08102
+1 856 963 2600 / +1 866 742 7579
This is just the place for a game of baseball. Campbell's Field is situated at the base of the Ben Franklin Bridge. Delaware River, that surrounds the Baseball Park, and completes the landscape. The park seats 6,450 people and includes amenities such as 20 luxury suites, 417 club seats, the Picnic Pavillion, the Utz Fun Zone and a restaurant. Ample parking space available. Tickets are available online.

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Campbell's Field photo by Serena A. Thaw
Campbell's Field Photo: Serena A. Thaw
Campbell's Field photo by Shyh-Shiun Wu
Campbell's Field Photo: Shyh-Shiun Wu
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